Similar Parts of all Drilling Machine types

A drilling machine is an instrument used to accurately drill holes to correct profundities. Drill Machine come in two essential sorts: the bench top drill press and the floor-model drill press. Every type has the same parts.

Power Range of Drilling Machine (On/Off Switch): The power range can be changed to 3 distinctive positions: high, low and off. The ranges permit fluctuating levels of weight for the machine to penetrate diverse estimated holes into various types of materials. For instance, the low range is to penetrate large holes in metal whereas the high range is utilized to bore little holes into gentler materials like wood. Based upon the drilling machine model, the force and range switches might be different.

Spindle Speed of Drilling Machine: The speed of a drill is generally measured in terms of the rate at which the periphery of the tool moves in relation to the work being drilled. The universal term for this velocity is “surface feet per minute” The two shaft speeds are high and low. The shaft paces can be changed while the engine of the drill machine is running. The velocity of the shaft relies on upon the span of the drill being utilized and the material being penetrated.

Table of Drilling Machine: The table is the base of the drilling machine and its surface used to keep the tight vise in its place. A piece of plywood must be used under parts that are clamped to the table. This prevents drilling into the tabletop. The height of the table can likewise be balanced with a crank and secured while a segment or column is utilized to support the table.

Feed Lever of Drilling Machine: The feed lever is utilized to raise and lower the drill bit so holes can be cut precisely. It ordinarily has a few handles to permit the user to control the shaft The Feed Lever is used to lift up and subordinate the spindle..

Depth Gauge of Drilling Machine: The depth gauge is utilized to control the profundity of the opening being penetrated using drill. The client might not have any desire to bore holes that go completely through the material so the depth gauge will have the capacity to control this. To precisely check the depth of a drilled hole, the length of the sides of the hole must be measured for this a thin depth gage is inserted into the hole, along the side, and the measurement is taken.

Esskay Drilling Machines

The Drilling Machine is an electronic machine which is used for making holes in the hard surface. Also it has cut edges at its points. Drilling machine is a handheld device. It is like a gun. The drilling machine is also called drill press. Drill is a fixed style that may be mounted on a stand or bolted to the floor or workbench. Drilling machine has a base, column, table and head that are all dependent on motor. Drilling machine has mainly three parts 1) Point 2) Body 3) shank. This is normally made of a tapered shank rotated by a motor. There are two types of shank, straight and Tapered. The tapered shank is usually used on drills. Drilling Machine’s head part, that is located at the top end, which penetrates through the material.

Pillar Drill Machine EPD- 12
Pillar Drill Machine EPD- 12
Pillar Drill Machine EPD- 15
Pillar Drill Machine EPD- 15

Various types of machines are available in the market. Mostly drilling machines are made of steel and diamond. Drilling machine perform many functions like drilling, woodworking, grinding and construction etc. The drilling machines can be light weighted and heavier ones too. Its speed limits up to 1000 RPM. In the drilling machine the feed rate is higher and the spindle speed is lower. Drilling machine comes in small size and large size. Drilling machine has own advantages like- fast speed, accurate, consistent and the operation must be secure. Accessories used in drilling machine like-Screw, water pumps and nibblers for cutting metal sheet. It has general purpose which included angles. In this soft and hard material can be used, but drill for hard material between 135 and 150 degrees also soft material 60 and 90 degrees. The purpose of drilling machine, it is used to bolt odd shaped work to it for drilling. It is also useful for drilling at right angles to a surface. Sensitive drill presses are typically for small holes.

Pillar Drill Machine EPD- 19
Pillar Drill Machine EPD- 19
Pillar Drill Machine EPD- 25
Pillar Drill Machine EPD- 25

The cutting action is the part that takes place on the point of the drill. It is the main purpose of the margin of a drill it the outside diameter, it is larger than the body. The base of an upright drilling machine will have coolant stored in the base with a pump to apply it. These are the seven steps about how to use drilling machines:
1) Mark the hole with a centre mark at least as large of the drill.
2) Clean the vice and table and ensure clearance between the work-piece and under the hole.
3) Use a soft faced hammer to drive the work-piece flat.
4) Position the work-piece under the centre of the spindle. Turn it in reverse and carefully lower the drill into the punch mark.
Also make it clear where you need to push the work to align it yourself.
5) Raise the drill carefully not to move it.
6) Set the spindle speed and feed rate and apply coolant where the drill enters the work.
7) Drill the hole.
Features of drilling machine-
1) The hole is permanent to a long time.
2) The drill is completed at 190 degree angle.

Pillar Drill Machine EPD- 32
Pillar Drill Machine EPD- 3

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